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Destiny : An Enigma

Often I have heard people say "A person creates his own luck ". This can be loosely translated into : " if you really work hard for something, the whole universe will conspire you to achieve it" or as "The Alchemist" says. But here's what makes things interesting: In a country with a 1.21 billion population, where every youth wants to make his mark , works equally harder just like everybody else around him. Then, why does only a handful achieve what everyone's been dreaming of ? There can be multiple reasons for that but I have often found my parents consoling me with a quote : " Not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck" or " You don't get what you want , you get what is good for you!"  So, what is it that I'm supposed to believe? To complicate matters further for me ( by me ),I was assigned to read Hitopadesha Tales as a part of my curriculum.  The story which has caused a dilemma to this mid-twen

The "Cycle" of Bicycle

Recently in my campus, a new cycle vendor company started its promotions. They had brought in a couple of cycles for demo. So, all one had to do was install their app & scan QR code to unlock & get a free ride. Honestly, after seeing a yellow colored geared bicycle with a GPS was a dream come true as it brought with it the memories of my childhood: one of the happiest moments of my life. At the same time, I couldn’t help but wonder, how the circle of “bicycle” came back to its origin. When we were young, how we started our journey with the mini tricycle after we started walking. I remember how I used to go around and round riding my bicycle on terrace. Sometimes, even when the plastic seat had fallen off, even then I used to sit on the slightly rusted structure & try to ride…. I think that was love & commitment we are looking for these days ;) Then we moved on to the bicycle with training wheels, the one I used to ride with my cousin in the lobby of the building