When the "nagging feeling" doesn't goes away...

It happens to you every day. At any place, at any time. You may feel like it follows you everywhere. It has become a part of yours.  Whenever you try to do something new, out of your normal monotonous routine, it comes to you & says"Yeah, you cannot do it." I think it all started when you had our first taste of success. People started expecting greater things from you. I guess you had started to do it too. But then, the expectations didn't match the results. So, you took what you got & lowered your expectations. Everything was "just fine"  for sometime until one day it wasn't. When you thought to ourselves that you had what it takes to make it big," The feeling" was in the background, rubbing its hands together like the devil, whispering "We'll see about that." Yet again, the devil triumphed & you were let down by yourself.  So, you took up the first thing you got without giving it much th

Diwali Week : Day #1 : DHANTERAS

So, Diwali is finally here! Diwali or Deepawali marks the day in history when Lord Ram brought Lady Sita home after rescuing her from the shackles of  Mighty Raavan. Thus, It's celebrated all over India as the day when good prevailed over evil.Actually, Diwali  is  a 5-day affair starting with "Dhanteras" to "Bhai Dooj". So, through a series of posts, I would try to explore & widen your understanding (as well as mine) about  significance of each day. Let's start with DHANTERAS! #Occurrence of Dhanteras as per Hindu Calendar  Dhanteras is celebrated on the thirteenth lunar day of Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) in the Vikram Samvat Hindu  month of Karthik . It was celebrated on 5th of November this year. The hindu calender is little different from the Gregorian calender.  Unlike Gregorian calendar which adds additional days to lunar month to adjust for the mismatch between twelve lunar cycles (354 lunar days)  and nearly 365 solar days,

Learning the subtle art of not giving a f*ck

       Ever since I had learnt the title of this delightful book, I had been wanting to read it.I did download the E-book but let's just admit it : doodling at computer screens or kindles doesn't have the same charm associated with holding a book. When I finally bought it, I decided that I would read it in one go. So I did or I thought I did. It took me 3 days to read it except for getting up, sleeping, eating, everyday chores, watching T.V... Okay, I realize that wasn't in one go. But what's important is I read it and I really liked it.I'm not a promoter of the author or being paid to do it. However, I do like to share with others when I have a good experience.Let's not get off-topic. The book is written by (in my honest opinion) an intelligent, logical & practical human being who has given us a fresh perspective on life. My takeaways from the book :  1. Yes, we actually live in an unhealthy materialistic world   There's an obsessive need

Destiny : An Enigma

Often I have heard people say "A person creates his own luck ". This can be loosely translated into : " if you really work hard for something, the whole universe will conspire you to achieve it" or as "The Alchemist" says. But here's what makes things interesting: In a country with a 1.21 billion population, where every youth wants to make his mark , works equally harder just like everybody else around him. Then, why does only a handful achieve what everyone's been dreaming of ? There can be multiple reasons for that but I have often found my parents consoling me with a quote : " Not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck" or " You don't get what you want , you get what is good for you!"  So, what is it that I'm supposed to believe? To complicate matters further for me ( by me ),I was assigned to read Hitopadesha Tales as a part of my curriculum.  The story which has caused a dilemma to this mid-twen

The "Cycle" of Bicycle

Recently in my campus, a new cycle vendor company started its promotions. They had brought in a couple of cycles for demo. So, all one had to do was install their app & scan QR code to unlock & get a free ride. Honestly, after seeing a yellow colored geared bicycle with a GPS was a dream come true as it brought with it the memories of my childhood: one of the happiest moments of my life. At the same time, I couldn’t help but wonder, how the circle of “bicycle” came back to its origin. When we were young, how we started our journey with the mini tricycle after we started walking. I remember how I used to go around and round riding my bicycle on terrace. Sometimes, even when the plastic seat had fallen off, even then I used to sit on the slightly rusted structure & try to ride…. I think that was love & commitment we are looking for these days ;) Then we moved on to the bicycle with training wheels, the one I used to ride with my cousin in the lobby of the building