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Learning the subtle art of not giving a f*ck

Ever since I had learnt the title of this delightful book, I had been wanting to read it.I did download the E-book but let's just admit it : doodling at computer screens or kindles doesn't have the same charm associated with holding a book. When I finally bought it, I decided that I would read it in one go. So I did or I thought I did. It took me 3 days to read it except for getting up, sleeping, eating, everyday chores, watching T.V... Okay, I realize that wasn't in one go. But what's important is I read it and I really liked it.I'm not a promoter of the author or being paid to do it. However, I do like to share with others when I have a good experience.Let's not get off-topic. The book is written by (in my honest opinion) an intelligent, logical & practical human being who has given us a fresh perspective on life. My takeaways from the book : 
1. Yes, we actually live in an unhealthy materialistic world
There's an obsessive need for pretty much everyone…